Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer

Suitable for high-risk individuals with family history

SHCP-Breast/ Ovarian Cancer-26


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Why check for Hereditary Cancers?

Genetic testing to identify hereditary cancers allows you to prevent and manage your health early.

Hereditary cancers account for approximately 5-10% of all cancers, and people who inherit genetic mutations generally are more likely to develop certain cancers at earlier age of onset than the common population.


only 5mL blood

99.9% accuracy with alternative validation

Common hereditary cancers (ranked by the total number of cancer deaths in 2018):

  • Breast cancer (626679, No. 5)
  • Ovarian cancer (184799, No. 14)
  • Uterine body cancer (endometrial cancer) (89929, 20th place)

Who should take Hereditary Cancer Tests?

  • Personal or family medical history characteristics, especially if they meet more than one of the following, the body may have hereditary cancer genes:
  • Two or more family members have breast cancer or ovarian cancer
  • Early-onset breast cancer was diagnosed in the family (under 45 years old)
  • The same person in the family has multiple breast cancers, or has breast cancer and ovarian cancer successively
  • A male in the family is a breast cancer patient
  • Patients with breast cancer or ovarian inflammation

Cancer associated with BRCA1 mutation (lifetime risk)

Breast cancer 50%-85% (with early age of onset)

Breast cancer 40%-60% ( breast cancer on other side of the breast)

Ovarian cancer 15%-45%

There is a high risk of other cancers (e.g. colon cancer)

Cancer associated with BRCA2 mutation (lifetime risk)


Breast cancer 50%-85% with early age of onset

Ovarian cancer 10%-20%