Health Assessment FAQ
Why do I need a regular health check?

Medical health check ups help detect early changes in the body, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, breast lumps or abnormal cervical cell changes.  The earlier we get diagnosed, the earlier we can find appropriate treatment.

Is a health check required annually?

If you carry certain risk factors, such as smoking or drinking or have family history of cancer, you might benefit from annual testing. Your doctor will be able to suggest a testing schedule after thoroughly evaluating your conditions.

Who will require regular health check?

For those who are between the ages of 25 to 34 years old, a health check is recommended once every two to three years. For those who are 35 years old or above, annual health check is highly recommended. More frequent health checks are recommended for Hepatitis B or C carriers, having family history of cancer, diabetes or those who have other genetic inherited diseases. One should consult the medical professional’s opinion as to how frequent the health check should be.

Why is it important to have doctor consultation before and after the check-up?

It is crucial that our doctor understands your body condition, dietary practice, personal/ family medical history and other risk factors before your check-up to design a tailor made programme fit to your needs.

Since health check reports can include a large amount of information and metrics, a thorough debrief and analysis from our doctor.  We can help you understand the implications, avoiding any misunderstanding and anxiety.

Moreover, our doctors can recommend any follow-up actions if necessary, so you can respond to the situation as soon as possible.

How should I choose among the various health check packages?

With the great variety of health check packages, making the right choice seems not easy. People of different ages have different needs in terms of health maintenance. A health check chosen by a health care professional is ideal and it should be followed up with written reports and counselling.

Our team can help determine what and how often you need services and screening items according to your personal details, including age, gender as well as medical and family history. To help you understand your health conditions, explanation of the health check report and individual health counselling would be provided by our professional. Hence, you can improve your lifestyle accordingly.

The more screening tests the package has, the better it is?

Every individual health check item has its clinical significance and the items required also vary according to gender, age and medical history.   The medical report should also be explained by doctor or professional medical staff.

What should middle-aged women pay attention to when choosing health check plans?

In addition to having regular gynaecological check-up and pap smear, doctors often recommend breast imaging such as mammogram and ultrasound, based on the age the risk of getting breast cancer.  DEXA and calcium blood test for women who are peri-menopausal or too thin are also recommended.

Can I eat or drink before examination?

No drinking and eating for 4 hours prior to examination.  Heavy foods, strong tea, coffee or alcoholic drinks should be avoided before your examination. If you are scheduled for an examination in the afternoon, you may take a light breakfast and remain fasted until the completion of your examination.

How long does it take to make an appointment?

A basic women’s health assessment does not require fasting, so it can be arranged in the afternoon, and the waiting time can be as short as a week.

May I request a female doctor for my check-up?

All our general practitioners are female.

How long can I have the report after check-up?

Under normal circumstances, all medical reports will be ready in around 7 working days.

Can women have examination during menstrual period?

Mid stream urine and pap smears cannot be performed during menses.

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