Preparation Before Examination
  • The whole check up can take around 1-2 hours (registration and waiting time included), please reserve enough time.
  • All medications except those for diabetes can be take as usual.
For Women
  • Women cannot have pap smears or urine tests during menstruation.
  • For women who are pregnant, please notify the staff as soon as possible, as some of the examination items cannot be performed, such as X-rays or pap smears.
Preparation before body fluids sample collection
  • Fresh body fluid samples should be provided for testing.
  • Body fluids include urine, secretions, semen, faeces, etc.
  • Urine : half a cup of mid-stream urine in a clean container.
  • Stool samples : put different parts of the faeces in a clear container. Avoid contact with toilet water during the process. The samples should be stored at room temperature and returned to the clinic within 24 hours.
Preparation before X-ray examination and mammography
  • If in doubt or during pregnancy, X-ray, mammography or DEXA cannot be performed.
  • For mammography, antiperspirants should not be applied.
Preparation before Blood pressure measurement, resting ECG and Treadmill
  • Rest for around 15 minutes before measuring the blood pressure.
  • Before taking a resting ECG, you should remain calm and refrain from strenuous exercise.
Preparation before ultrasound
  • You should fast for 6 hours before the abdominal/ gallbladder ultrasound.
  • Ultrasound of pelvis, prostate or bladder requires a full bladder. Please drink around 300ml of water before the examination.
Preparing for Pap smear examination
  • Avoid vaginal medications one week before the examination and avoid vaginal lavage and sexual activity the day before the examination.
Preparation before blood test
  • If you need to test blood sugar or blood lipids, you must fast for around 8 hours or more before the test.
  • After the blood is drawn, lightly press the wound for about 5 minutes.
DEXA Bone Density Test
  • Recommended for 40 years old or above
Preparation before Allergy Tests
  • Please DO NOT have medication for allergy within 7 days before examination.
If you want see a doctor before examination, you must pay consultation fee.
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