Breast Intervention

Breast / Thyroid Lymph node/ Soft tissue 



  • Except for diabetes, other medicines such as blood pressure medicine and heart medicine can be taken as usual.

For Women

  • It is not suitable for women to undergo gynecologial examination or urine examination during menstruation.
  • For women who are pregnant, please notify the staff of the medical examination center as soon as possible, as some of the examination items may not be suitable or even cannot be performed, such as X-rays or pap smears.

Preparation before X-ray examination and mammography

  • If in doubt or during pregnancy, X-ray , plain film, radiography, or mammography cannot be performed.
  • For mammography, skin care products, cosmetics or antiperspirants should not be applied.

Preparation before ultrasound

  • You should keep an empty stomach for 6 hours before the abdominal/ gallbladder ultrasound examination.
  • Ultrasound examination of pelvis, prostate or bladder requires a full bladder. Please drink at least 300ml of water before the examination.