Breast Cancer Screening (2D Mammogramm)

Can detect microcalcifications and nodules (CS-2DM-01)

Over 40 yrs old



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Radiology Image Report

By Specialist in Radiology

Report Explanation-Consultation

By Doctor/ Nurse

Health Check Assessment Consultation

By Doctor/ Nurse


2D Mammogram

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Breasts and Axilla $1,000

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More Information
Risk of breast cancer :

High risk:
•Confirmed carrier (or family history) of BRCA1/2
•Family history of breast cancer or ovarian cancer
• History of receiving radiation therapy to the chest before age after 30

Moderate risk:
•With family history of only one first-degree female relative with breast cancer diagnosed at age <50.

Check up frequency :

High risk :
Annual mammography screening before age after 30.

Moderate risk:
Annual mammography screening after age after 40.

Standard check up:
Every 1- 2 years