Osteoporosis (DEXA) 

Recommended for aged 40 or above. 

JD $380 / CWB $500

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By Doctor/ Nurse

Physical Examination

BP/ Pulse / Weight / Height

Bone Density

Dexa (Spine, Hip)

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More Information
Risk of osteoporosir :

High risk:
•Advancing age
•Underweight or having a small body frame
•Family history of osteoporosis and fracture
•Long term having medications such as steroids

Bone Density Test

Bone Density Test is also called Dual-Emission X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) which uses two different energy levels of X-ray beam to scan the human spine, hip or the whole body to calculate the bone density. Due to the different X-ray absorbability of various regions of bones, one’s bone density can therefore be calculated. Compared to other bone density examinations, DEXA is relatively fast, accurate and the radiation dose to patients is extremely low (it is equivalent to 1/10 of a chest x-ray). DEXA is widely accepted for diagnostic purposes.

Check up frequency : Annual DEXA screening