Women’s Imaging Health Check Plans

Regular gynaecological examinations, can be detected early, thereby increasing the cure rate.

Plan Details
Imaging Health Check Plans

3. Women’s Imaging Plan

Special $2,400 (Original Price $2,700)

Ultrasound Breasts, Axilla and Pelvis


4. Women’s Imaging Plan (>40yrs)

Special $3,400 (Original Price $3,900)

2D Mammogram+Ultrasound Breasts, Axilla and Pelvis


5. 3D Mammogram 

Special $2,200


Additional Items

Cervical screening

Cervix Smear (Pap Smear) $500


Pelvis $1200


Menstrual Disorders $1500

  • Prolactin, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Luteinizing Hormone, Androgen index plan


Menopause Test $800

  • Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Estradiol-E2, Luteinizing Hormone, Vitamin D


Anaemia Test $650

  • TIBC, Ferritin, UIBC, Complete Blood Count, Iron , Reticulocyte Count, Haemoglobin Pattern

Cancer Markers

Cancer Markers (7 items) $1,900

  • CA 15.3 (Breast), CA 125 (Ovaries), AFP ( Liver), CEA (Colon ), CA 19.9 (Pancreatic), CA 72.4 (Gastric), EBV Antibody

Cancer Markers (Female)

CA 125 (Ovaries), CA15.3 (Breast) $600

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