Positron Emission Tomography-CT (PET–CT)

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning is a type of nuclear medicine scan. A small quantity of radioactive isotope is required to detect metabolic abnormalities and help detect early tumors or metastasis.

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Positron Emission Tomography-CT (PET–CT)

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a type of nuclear medicine scan.  A small amount of radioactive isotope is injected o help detect early tumors or metastasis.   Computed Tomography (CT) scanning provides detailed images of internal organs.

Combining these two types of imaging techniques accurately displays the location of the tumor/metastasis and aid treatment.


PET-CT clinical applications include:

  • Diagnosing cancer
  • Identifying the site of primary
  • Facilitating tumor grading and staging
  • Identifying metastasis
  • Formulating a treatment plan such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy
  • Evaluating patient’s prognosis
  • Assessing the effectiveness of treatment
  • Monitoring cancer recurrence

PET/CT scan provides information on both the structure and function of cells and tissues in vivo during a single imaging session, providing superior lesion and tumor localization.