Lung Health Screening(LDCT)

Suitable for patients with chronic cough, blood stained sputum, shortness of breath. (APR-PRO-CT-LDT-1)

The above offers are limited to Jordan only.

📑Report written by Radiology Specialist

Special $1,780

Plan Details

Report Explanation-Consultation

By Doctor/ Nurse

Health Check Assessment Consultation

By Doctor/ Nurse

Physical Examination

BP / Pulse / Weight / Height/ BMI

Chest exam

CT Low dose Thorax

Additional Items


Coronary Blood Test (9 items) $1,000


Cancer Markers

3 items $1,000 /5 items $1,630 / 8items $2,150


Sputum for Cytology $500

Working Hours

Monday to Friday:9 am – 6 pm
Saturday:9 am – 1 pm
Sunday and Public Holiday:Closed

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More Information
Risk of lung cancer :

High risk:
•Smoking or inhaling second hand smoke
•Family history of lung cancer
•Weakened immunity

Check up frequency :

May require more frequent screenings based on the doctor’s assessment.
High risk:
•Chest X Ray
•Sputum cytology
•Low dose CT