Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme

The Government’s Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme subsidises asymptomatic Hong Kong residents aged between 50 and 75 to receive screening service.

Government FULL subsidy for 50-75 years persons

Plan Details

Report Explanation-Consultation

By Doctor/ Nurse

Health Check Assessment Consultation

By Doctor/ Nurse

CRC Screening Programme

Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)

Working Hours

Monday to Friday:9 am – 6 pm
Saturday:9 am – 1 pm
Sunday and Public Holiday:Closed

eHealth System & Health Care Voucher

We can upload images to eHRSS.
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More Information
Who may enrol

  1. Aged between 50 and 75
  2. Hold a Hong Kong Identity Card or Certificate of Exemption
  3. Registered in the Electronic Health Record Sharing System (eHRSS)
  4. Do not have symptoms of colorectal cancer, higher colorectal cancer risk, or screening/examination for colorectal cancer within a specified period

Before specimen collection - Tips

Before specimen collection

  1. Store the FOBT tubes in a cool place.
  2. Take note of the opening hours of the Specimen Collection Points. In general, the collection of the first stool specimen can start during the weekend (unless during a long holiday weekend). Finish collecting two specimens within 4 days counting from the day of first specimen collection.
  3. Do not collect specimen when there is bleeding from haemorrhoids.
  4. Do not collect specimen when there is diarrhoea.

During specimen collection

  1. Use one FOBT tube for each bowel movement.
  2. Do not tamper with or dispose of the liquid in the FOBT tubes.
  3. Do not allow stool to be in contact with urine or toilet water.

After specimen collection

  1. Make sure your full name and specimen collection date are written clearly on the FOBT tubes.
  2. Store the FOBT tubes in a cool place.
  3. If you are only able to collect one specimen within 4 days, you should still return that specimen.

How to collect stool specimen

Step 1Prepare a holder, such as a plastic bag, for collecting the stool. Place the holder in the toilet bowl, then open your bowels.
Step 2Twist lid off the FOBT tube and scratch sampling probe across stool surface in all directions.
Step 3Specimen will be enough when the grooved part of the sampling probe has been completely filled up. Too much or too little specimen will affect the test results.
Step 4Insert the sampling probe back into the FOBT tube and screw the lid tightly.
Step 5Write the collection date and check that your name is correct. Place the FOBT tube into the small green plastic bag and seal it. Keep the specimen in a cool place.
Step 6Repeat steps 1 to 5 above using the second FOBT tube during your next bowel movement.

Notes on the amount of stool specimen